Roaccutane – This Is Me Now!

So, this is me in 2014!

Happy and acne free, ever grateful for my Roaccutane Experience, my journey to spot free skin.

Every day I feel blessed with my new skin. Thank You Roaccutane!

I no longer wake up every morning in fear of how many more new spots I will have. I never believed that this thought would ever leave me, I never dreamed of a normal skin. At the same time I will never take it for granted.

And, this is me in 2015!

I am of course happy with my new complexion and even more surprising is that now I can (and do) go outside the house with no make up at all on!

The journey might not have been pleasant but then neither was living with acne.

I sincerely hope Roaccutane is working for you too.

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