Roaccutane – This Is Me Now!

So, this is me in 2014!

Happy and acne free, ever grateful for my Roaccutane Experience, my journey to spot free skin.

Every day I feel blessed with my new skin. Thank You Roaccutane!

I no longer wake up every morning in fear of how many more new spots I will have. I never believed that this thought would ever leave me, I never dreamed of a normal skin. At the same time I will never take it for granted.

And, this is me in 2015!

I am of course happy with my new complexion and even more surprising is that now I can (and do) go outside the house with no make up at all on!

The journey might not have been pleasant but then neither was living with acne.

I sincerely hope Roaccutane is working for you too.

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5 Responses to This is Me now!

  1. Kim says:

    Hello Andrea your website is so helpful and you’re an inspiration. I’m 48 and have suffered with acne flare ups my whole life. Since summer 2020 I’ve been dealing with a major flare up which I think this time is menopause related. I’ve also recently had a hysterectomy and my skin is continuing to break out badly. My dermatologist has suggested Roaccutane as a possible option for me. Could I ask, has your skin remained clear until now, 2021? Thanks again for the time and effort you’ve put into this website, it’s an invaluable resource for fellow sufferers. My skin is something that’s ruling my life in a very negative way at the moment and I’m desperate for a long term resolution. Thank you for everything

    • Andrea Love says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments Kim and I’m so glad you reached out. I totally relate to your story. Acne is not just a few spots it’s so much worse than that. I was aged 43 when I started Roaccutane after feeling exactly as you do. I was desperate after spending all my life battling with acne. I cannot recommend it enough. It changed my life and to answer your question yes I have lovely clear skin now and have done since completing the treatment. I’ve had clear skin now with no spots for 9 years now and am grateful every single day. (note to self: I will upload a recent photo of me to my site) It is a long term solution that I wish I’d taken sooner and I wish all the very best on your own journey. It is worth it! Andrea xx

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you so much Andrea for your reply. I’m very, very grateful. That’s wonderful that your skin is still clear. Priceless after suffering for so long. I’m so happy for you. I’m not in a good place at all with my skin currently. Due to my recent surgery I’m unable to start Roaccutane yet due to my wounds still healing so my dermatologist has suggested Spironolactone to see how that works. I’ve just started this and am praying it will help as I’m struggling a lot emotionally at the moment with recovery from my operation and also the ongoing battle with my skin. I’m praying there’s some improvement soon. Thank you again and I’m so happy that you’ve found your solution. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t experienced acne can understand how it controls every aspect of your life. I will definitely be pursuing Roaccutane when I can if my current treatment fails. Unfortunately I’ll have to fund this privately due to NHS waiting times. THANK YOU. Kim xxx

  3. Antonia says:

    I am so thankful for this site!! My daughter is 11 and on week 6 of her roaccutane journey ? I came across your amazing journey whilst searching roaccutane and skin rashes and feel so relieved that the dry skin on her arms is a normal side effect! She has so much more confidence on this drug that I would hate for her not to be able to finish. She started with acne at age 8 and after the usual GP just use cream didn’t work I found her a lovely dermatologist..we did erythromycin that helped a little and after trying trimethoprim he finally let her start this miracle drug ? she’s peeled, had sore lips, muscle pain etc but nothing major & today we had her first set of bloods.. praying for a normal read so that she can get a further prescription!! Thank you for sharing your journey I’m sure I will be reading it again for insight whilst on this journey x

    • Andrea Love says:

      Hi Antonia, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story. This is why I put my own experiences online: for other people to relate to and be reassured along their own journey. It warms my heart that I am helping someone else. It makes me happy that your daughter has got the right help early on. As you have read I had to wait too many years to get the cure I needed. I wish you both the very best and every success. It sounds like you’re off to a positive start! All the best, Andrea xx

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