Week Eight

Day Fifty – Monday 22nd April 2013

After my short spell outside in the garden yesterday my skin was extra sensitive last night, so I have realised that on all spring or summery days from now on I will have to wear factor 50 sun block if I am going to be outside for significant amounts of time. My boyfriend also bought me some sun block lip balm which I didn’t even know existed. I remembered that I could use Hydromol as an ointment instead of just washing with it so I put some on before I went to work today to soothe the soreness on my face. It did look a bit greasy and I didn’t feel great about myself but it had to be done as the dryness was hurting. My lips are still quite bad from last week as are my painful joints. This must be what it’s like when you get old?!!!

Day Fifty One – Tuesday 23rd April 2013

I woke this morning to find a patch of dry blood on my pillow. I didn’t feel anything while I was sleeping so my first thought was that I’d had my first nose bleed, but actually I think it’s more likely that one of my spots had bled through the night. My current acne break out is still active but hopefully will be calming down sometime soon.
My hair is starting to be affected too, it doesn’t feel as nice or as soft as it used too. I’ve had it cut and coloured and keep changing it but I’m just not happy with it.

Day Fifty Two – Wednesday 24th April 2013

The inside of my nose has been really dry and crusted today, more than it has been before.
Really hating my hair at the moment…

Day Fifty Three – Thursday 25th April 2013

Today my skin seems to be a bit better, the spots are healing and I’ve not had any new break outs since Friday last week. My lips are a lot better than they have been for a while. They are still dry but not cracking and splitting as much as they were. I’ve not enjoyed the last couple of weeks of my Roaccutane experience but I now feel that the worst is hopefully behind me (well at least for this phase of the treatment). I am feeling a lot brighter in myself again. Happy days!!

Day Fifty Four – Friday 26th April 2013

I am happy to be back in the previous phase where my skin is flaking a little, my lips are dry like before and not cracking and hurting, and all my joint pain has gone. That said I’ve neglected to put Vaseline on my lips for the last six hours which does not feel good. (I’ve just put some on now I’m sat here and reminded myself!)

Day Fifty Five & Fifty Six – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April 2013

OK so I am at the end of my eighth week, that’s half way through my expected journey. I thought only a couple of days ago that my spots were calming down but this weekend has been the complete opposite. I’ve got proper cystic spots not just on the usual problem area of my face but they are also appearing further back on my cheeks and jawline with lots breaking out under the skin. My neck has been painful when I turn my head to either side, although the joint pain in the rest of my body has subsided.
My skin is more sensitive, sore and fragile since starting the Roaccutane, it easily grazes and bleeds at the slightest knock or bump. My lips and the inside of my nose are still really dry. I am learning to cope with my hair and trying to make it look nice. The plus side of my hair drying out is that it doesn’t need washing as often as before.
This journey really is a roller coaster of phases and changes but I still believe it to be worth it – a few months of unpleasant side effects is nothing compared to the years of living with active acne. Fellow sufferers of diagnosed acne will understand. The chance to have a normal clear skin is a big incentive.

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