Week Fourteen

Day Ninety Two – Monday 3rd June 2013

Phrase of the day: “I think you’ll be cooked in about two months!” This did make me chuckle; I went to see my dermatologist today for my check-up and this is what he said to me. After looking at my face he thinks another two months of treatment should do it. He is insisting that I must be spot free for a month before I can stop taking the Isotretinoin. Some people, according to him, have to stay on the program for 18 months so I do consider myself lucky. He has given me enough tablets to see me through till 24 weeks. When I have taken them all and if I am happy that I have not had any new breakouts and my skin is clear I can just stop. My doctor hasn’t made me any more appointments and hopes not to see me again unless I send him an SOS email!

Day Ninety Three – Tuesday 4th June 2013

Could today be my first spot free day in the run up to the end of my Roaccutane journey? Let’s hope so! I am counting the days starting today.

Spot free days = 1

Side effects – Much the same (dry lips, fragile skin and facial redness) with the addition of a flaking nose.

Day Ninety Four – Wednesday 5th June 2013

Spot free days = 2

Side effects – Dry, sore and flaking skin in the creases of my nose. The inside of my nose is sore, scabbing and painful. Skin very fragile, I knocked my finger against the door handle and a chunk of skin came off (that wouldn’t normally happen!).

Day Ninety Five – Thursday 6th June 2013

Spot free days = 3

Side effects – Skin around and inside my nose is the same as yesterday, lots of Vaseline needed today to make it better. My forearms have been sensitive and have itched a lot today, it has ended up looking like I have a rash on my arms as if I’ve had an allergic reaction or something (which I haven’t!).

Day Ninety Six – Friday 7th June 2013

Spot free days = 4

I am very happy today because it’s the first day of my monthly period and I have had no spots in the last few days leading up to it, where I normally would! In previous times my skin would be extra spotty before my period. Bonus! Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come and what I can look forward to.

Day Ninety Eight – Sunday 9th June 2013

Spot free days = 6

Side effects – My nose is still dry around the outside but a lot better than it has been, thanks to my vaseline. My forearms still look like I’ve been pulled through a bramble hedge with all the dry scabs and grazing. The bites I had on my leg are healing slowly, they seemed to have taken their time but are certainly on their way out now. It seems ages ago since I went for my check up at the dermatology clinic on Monday, it feels like 2 weeks ago but it was actually only the beginning of this week. I must be getting old, can’t blame that one on the Roaccutane!!!

ūüôā I was extremely happy this morning – I felt that my face looked the best it ever has. I felt good about myself and I felt I looked nice today, still only wearing mascara and no other make-up. I was outside quite a lot today and did struggle a bit with the Summer breeze because it was uncomfortable with it drying my lips and eyes out quite a lot.

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