Week Nineteen

Day One Hundred and Twenty Seven – Monday 8th July 2013

Ouch, very sore and painful nose – All day I have been blowing my nose, losing layers of skin off my nose, plastering the Vaseline on and then starting all over again. This morning my nose felt like I had thick dry elephant like skin and by this evening it is still dry, still peeling and very sore (obviously as the layers have been coming off).
I have a nasty patch where my pimple was, don’t know quite what has happened there. Maybe some of the skin rubbed off in the night when I was asleep. My skin is very fragile at the moment, so that could very well be it. I do have lots of grazes and other lesions on my arms and feet as well.

All the side effects have now become part of my daily life. Despite all the negative stuff I’m soldiering on with everything because I made a conscious decision at my last consultation to see this through to the very end until I am totally free of the acne. I don’t want to have to go through this all again! For the last week I have felt that it has become more obvious to people that I haven’t told about the Roaccutane that I am going through something. Up until now, nobody who didn’t know had said anything to me directly about my appearance but over the last few days a couple of people have asked me what I have done to damage my skin. I am struggling with this a little as I don’t want to start telling everyone I know what I am doing. I am also struggling as I am feeling a lot more self conscious that my appearance is different and my face is generally looking very sore.

Day One Hundred and Twenty Eight – Tuesday 9th July 2013

My pimple from last Thursday was actually two spots right next to each other and they are behaving a bit strange; sometimes it looks like two little whiteheads and sometimes it looks like a scab where the skin has come off. Weird!
My cold is on the way out but I am still blowing my nose a lot, still have dry skin around my nose and it is feeling sore. I can’t seem to put enough Vaseline on.

Day One Hundred and Twenty Nine – Wednesday 10th July 2013

As you can see from yesterdays photos last week’s spots are on the way out but they have left a red scabby area which I hope will heal quickly as I feel quite conscious of it. You can also see the redness and soreness on my nose where the skin has come off from blowing my nose all day over the last 3-4 days.
Today was a real down day, I was feeling very unhappy and cried several times. All sorts of things set me off when normally they wouldn’t. The feelings were overwhelming even though I knew I should be happy, that everything isn’t so bad and will be ok. I have to say that I cannot blame Roaccutane completely; I have had this cold for 5 days which has worn me down, I have been tired and not felt 100%. I have issues at work I am trying to contend with. Then there is the fact of not feeling pretty because of my face the way it is and feeling old because of the aches and pains. Thank you to my boyfriend for being there for me and getting me through it!

Day One Hundred and Thirty – Thursday 11th July 2013

From todays photos you can see that the scabby area is healing nicely and my nose looks a bit better than it did yesterday. My neck and chest have been very dry and sore today. I plastered the hydromol ointment all over this morning but this evening I can feel it hurting again. Very sore!
I have a new dry rash on the inside of both my fore-arms although the left one is worse.
This week I have had a few people comment on my face and ask what is wrong, this probably contributed to my down day yesterday too, I just didn’t realise it. I say that because I have always prided myself on looking presentable. I have done well to cope this far with having to adapt a ‘not bother’ attitude. For the last 5 months I have had to leave my face and skin alone and accept my appearance for what it is each day, whether it is red, inflamed, peeling or sore.
I am feeling a lot better in myself today!

Day One Hundred and Thirty One – Friday 12th July 2013

My Summer cold has just about gone now and my nose is not so dry or leathery. My neck and chest are less red and less angry looking although they are still dry and needing lots of Hydromol. My spot or spots have gone too, I am regenerating quickly, it’s unbelievable! (They’re looking for a new Doctor Who, maybe I can apply?! ūüôā

Good news I can count today as day 1 of my spot free days!

Day One Hundred and Thirty Two – Saturday 13th July 2013

Spot Free Days = 2

And my complexion is completely clear! It is still red and looks sore to other people. I guess they would think I’ve been out in the sun and got burnt.
The rash on my arms has calmed a lot and nearly gone.

Day One Hundred and Thirty Three – Sunday 14th July 2013

Spot Free Days = 3

My skin is really good and it felt good when I went out today, better than it has been for a long time. It makes me realise what a struggle it has been on this journey. I saw a girl pass me today with acne and I wanted to go and tell her to try Roaccutane because it works!!
My skin is dry and peeling on my chin this evening which normally happens in the morning.
The last couple of nights have felt like sunburn on my shoulders and on my back when I lay in bed.
The bites on my legs from ages ago have finally healed up and have left me with scars, which I hope will go in time.

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