Week Seventeen

Day One Hundred and Thirteen – Monday 24th June 2013

OK so it is official – I am getting one spot per week! I could feel the start of one yesterday but I was in denial so didn’t mention it. I so wanted to break my spot free days record but it wasn’t meant to be… not yet! It developed today into a full blown spot just under my bottom lip and has already burst of its own accord this evening. Very Frustrating, but the count is now back to zero!!

I want to tell you about my hair. It has been affected by the Roaccutane more than I wanted to believe. Not quite “like old rope” to coin my consultant’s phrase but it really isn’t in the lovely condition that it was before I started this treatment. Not so bad that anyone else would notice, but I do. It doesn’t fall as nice as it used to, it doesn’t feel as silky and doesn’t do what I want it to. The good side effect is that it doesn’t need washing very often like before; that will be because of the grease reducing actions of the Isotretinoin. So, last night I finally took my dermatologist’s advice and used loads of hair conditioner and on all of my hair. This felt strange because with normal hair you would only use a little bit and only on the ends of your hair. It has made a little bit of a difference and hopefully if I continue it will help a lot.

Note to self – more photos!

Day One Hundred and Fourteen – Tuesday 25th June 2013

Realisation today – Whilst my skin has been getting better and I’ve had a ‘nice’ week to ten days with my skin feeling good and the side effects less, I realised today that they of course will continue so long as I’m taking the Roaccutane. I must prepare myself for them to continue for a few months afterwards as well until my skin returns to normal. That is a ‘New Normal’ I don’t want it to return to how it was!
My eyes are really bad again at the moment, very dry, sticky and very uncomfortable. My right eye today has been extra painful, it feels like a stye does but I don’t have a stye. I have used the eye drops several times today, using so much it was like an eye wash more than drops. This evening my boyfriend came up with idea of making me look like a pirate! A home made eye patch! It did help as well as entertaining him and my son.
I have had a rash all up the inside of both my arms, not itchy just a simple red rash. It has calmed a bit this evening.
The aches and pains in my joints were bad last night, in every joint in my body. Every time I moved it felt like I was really old! Not nice!
Feeling a bit fed up today and a bit tearful. I call it time out from being strong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of myself for persevering and I’m chuffed to bits with the results but some of the side effects are not pleasant.

Day One Hundred and Fifteen – Wednesday 26th June 2013

From previous weeks I thought I knew what dry eyes were. But this week they really are dry! Proper painful and very uncomfortable. As you can see from today’s photo they are swollen and sore too. I have been using eye drops throughout to soothe them but since Monday they are not helping enough. My boyfriend went on an emergency trip to the chemist this evening because I had run out of eye drops. Now I thought eye drops were eye drops, I didn’t realise you could get different sorts. He came back with some that are specifically for dry eyes. The relief was bliss!
This is definitely another one of those bad phases and I would just like to mention and thank my best friends that have truly supported me and got me through this journey since the beginning of March 2013… my wonderful boyfriend… and Hydromol and Vaseline. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Day One Hundred and Sixteen – Thursday 27th June 2013

My eyes are still very dry today but a fraction better than yesterday. My skin is still very fragile and injures easily. I have a graze on the top of my left foot and I have no idea what caused it. My nose is dry and crusted on the inside which can be a bit painful at times. If you look closely at today’s pictures you will see a red patch on my chin. This is the first time in a very long time that I have had anything new on my chin. It was actually the first part of my face to clear up completely and has been clear all the way through since then. When I first saw it this morning I thought a new spot was developing but as the day has gone on it has become very dry and feels rough but there is no spot. As long as there are no new spots in the morning, then I will restart my ‘Spot Free Days’ counter at day one tomorrow.

Day One Hundred and Seventeen – Friday 28th June 2013

Spot Free Days = 1

We have taken a couple of days off this weekend to get some sea-air with a nice trip up to Blackpool! My skin is definitely more fragile on Roaccutane; I got blisters on my feet today, no new shoes, no huge amounts of walking, so the Isotretinoin has definitely given me weak skin! It’s very new to me as I have never had blisters on my feet before. Funny thing is I bought some special blister plasters yesterday, went out today and have left them at home !
The rough hard skin on my chin is much better today. I rubbed lots of Vaseline on it today and the rough skin came away leaving the area nice and smooth and clear.
I had very painful achy joints this evening.

Day One Hundred and Eighteen – Saturday 29th June 2013

Spot Free Days = 2

My dry eyes are still irritating me and I have a bad pain in my left eye now.
I prepared my feet this morning with Compeed plasters so they have not been as painful or sore as yesterday, just a bit tender.
I still have painful achy joints, less than yesterday but still quite apparent, mainly in my lower back today.

Day One Hundred and Nineteen – Sunday 30th June 2013

Spot Free Days = 3

This morning I had some dry flakey skin on my chin, above my top lip and around my nose. It looks dry but doesn’t feel particularly dry.
Lots of sea air is doing my face good.
I am using the eye drops and had to wear sun glasses out today to protect my eyes even though it was not particularly sunny out.

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