Week Sixteen

Day One Hundred and Six – Monday 17th June 2013

Spot free days = 1

I am very tired today after our amazing weekend celebrating my son’s 16th birthday. (We went to West End, London to see Billy Elliot. Absolutely Fantastic! It made me laugh and it made me cry!). The facial redness has come back a little bit where it had started to fade. My chin is dry and flaking again where it had been very normal and lovely the last couple of weeks. Is this because I am tired? Is it because I used make-up on my skin a couple of times last week? Or is it another Roaccutane phase? I didn’t even put my mascara on today for work because my eyes were tired, not dry like they have been, just tired.
So, until tomorrow, ni nite peeps Zzzzz

Day One Hundred and Seven – Tuesday 18th June 2013

Spot free days = 2

The redness is definitely more apparent than the last week or so. I was starting to enjoy the nice normal skin and had forgotten about the redness and the dryness.

I was listening to my music today and found a very apt song for this blog: “Beautiful Because You Love Me” by Girls Aloud.

From my acne experience and even more so from my Roaccutane experience I know and believe that people like you for who you are and what you do, not always for how you look. Of course, I am a girl that always likes to look and feel her best and I am looking forward the end result of my treatment so I can use nice eye make up and a tiny bit of foundation, have nice hair, etc.

“Right now the whole world could call me ugly. So what, to you, I’m not. You don’t love me ’cause I’m beautiful. I’m beautiful ’cause you love me.”

Day One Hundred and Eight – Wednesday 19th June 2013

Spot free days = 3

It was a very hot day outside today and lucky me got to spend the day in the office!?! We had the air con on pretty much all day so I stayed nice and cool. When I left work though my face was very red, much redder than it has been for a while and definitely due to the Roaccutane. Mum saw me and said I looked very hot, thinking it was because of the weather and that I had been dashing about!

Day One Hundred and Nine – Thursday 20th June 2013

Spot free days = 4

Side effects = Dry lips (you knew that one!). I still have a small amount of crustiness inside my nose, but the dryness and skin splitting around the crease of my nose has gone. My nails are amazing and the best they’ve ever been. If this is a side effect then it’s a good one! My forearms are finally back to normal, all scabs have gone.

Day One Hundred and Ten – Friday 21st June 2013

Spot free days = 5

Today in the post I received a copy of the letter that my dermatologist sent to my GP with an update from my consultation on 3rd June 2013. He mentioned that my face is quite irritated and sensitive although significantly improved. Due to the fact that at present I am getting one spot per week I should complete the 16 week course and take the extra months supply he gave me. I have to be spot free for one whole month for the treatment to be stopped. If I continue to get spots then I am to contact the clinic directly by email and the treatment can be extended.
I have to say it is unbelievable to me that I would ever have the ‘problem’ of one spot per week, compared to what seemed like hundreds constantly before!!!

Day One Hundred and Eleven – Saturday 22nd June 2013

Spot free days = 6

Not much different to report today, I’ve had the equivalent of a no-make-up day today, I say equivalent because of course I am only wearing make-up very occasionally now so most days are no make-up days. So I guess what I mean is I’ve had a day at home in my scruffs not having to worry about my face or my hair. My eyes are quite bad again, dry and sticky and needing eye drops.

Day One Hundred and Twelve – Sunday 23rd June 2013

Spot free days = 7

7 days is good, will I make it further than the 8 days on the first cycle of counting?

Here we are at the end of my sixteen weeks, which was the original course of treatment. And what a sixteen weeks it has been, not without its ups and downs. I can honestly say from experience now that all the bad press and scary reports that Roaccutane causes severe depression are unfounded. I agree with my dermatologist who told me on the very first day of this journey that people with acne get happier on Roaccutane!! He is so right. I have to say I would recommend Roaccutane to any long term acne sufferer like me, without hesitation. The results are amazing and Isotretinoin really is the acne cure I have been waiting for all my life!
I should have taken some photos today at this important benchmark of My Roaccutane Experience.

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