Week Thirteen

Day Eighty Five – Monday 27th May 2013

My side effects today include dry crustiness in my nose and ears and of course my dry lips, but you know about those! My nose has bled slightly over the last two days but not what you would call a nose bleed. My eyes were very sticky and dry when I woke up today, and I could feel that my left eye was very painful. When I checked I found a stye on my upper eyelid. My eyes have been dry all day so I have been soothing them with the eye drops, which has also soothed the pain from the stye as well. I’ve got a new medium sized spot that appeared yesterday, between my nose and upper lip. I needed to use the ointment all over my face this morning to moisturise the dryness. I don’t mind doing this so much if I know that I am not going out. It’s a bit like when I used to have my no-make up days before.

Day Eighty Six – Tuesday 28th May 2013

I have had some fairly irritating itching on my back that has been quite bad and this has now gone to my legs. It seems to be worse at night in bed which is annoying and does stop me sleeping. I have some dry blotches on my legs and a few self inflicted scratches. I’m not sure but I think one of them is a bite and I know it wasn’t from my man! More Hydromol ointment was needed to moisturise when I woke up. My stye hurt again this morning and was swollen so I couldn’t even wear my mascara to work. No comments from anybody but then they are all quite used to how I’ve been looking throughout this treatment. The people that I did tell about my treatment still ask occasionally how it is going and seem genuinely interested which is nice.

Day Eighty Seven – Wednesday 29th May 2013

My stye has just about gone. The spot from Sunday is still there but it is the only one I have. My face feels smooth to touch and I hope it is starting to look normal. The itchiness has stopped and the dry blotches have calmed down a lot and are on their way out. My nose is still crusted but again a bit better than the last few days. The mark on my leg that I suspected to be a bite has been confirmed today as definitely being a bite. I’ve got 3 or 4 more to add to the collection today, it appears that I got them from the carpets in my office at work! Rentokil have been called to the scene! The backs of both my hands have been dry and felt grazed, just like they did in week four. However, they are already nearly back to normal this evening. I still find it amazing that I am taking the Roaccutane constantly and in the same regular dose but the side effects change and come and go. Don’t get me wrong I think that this is better than a constant sixteen weeks of discomfort.
It’s been a while since I shaved my legs. I’m reluctant to do it because the last time I did it was not nice. My legs felt dry and like each pore was an individual scab even though I used the Hydromol. I’m going to have do something soon because they are getting a bit too hairy for my liking. Remember I’m a girl used to waxing.

Day Eighty Eight – Thursday 30th May 2013

Check out my images and let me know what you think of my progress so far.

Day Ninety – Saturday 1st June 2013

Since Wednesday I have been contemplating shaving my legs and finally braved it today. I took more time and care this time and tried a dry shave with talcum powder as opposed to a wet shave in the shower. This seemed to help my skin a lot and didn’t make it feel too sore. Nice to be smooth again, I was starting to feel like a gorilla.
I am still using the Hydromol in the shower and I do seem to be using it more often afterwards as a moisuriser too. My face still gets dry and feels tight most days.

Day Ninety One – Sunday 2nd June 2013

Hello fellow Roaccutane users and fellow supporters! All is going well, I am just about spot free and would like the marks, scars and redness to go now.
So, how have the last thirteen weeks felt? The time hasn’t gone slow or fast, it’s bizarre how this treatment has become part of my life, could that be because I know it is a cure, maybe? I can’t imagine the post-Roaccutane period at the moment except I am half expecting my skin to be red and tender still for a few months. So long as the spots stay away, it will all be worth it. I’m sure in a few more weeks from now I will be getting excited and thinking about my new look and trying some new make up ideas! I am looking forward to my consultation tomorrow with my dermatologist to get an update on what the next stage will be.

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