Week Eleven

Day Seventy Eight – Monday 20th May 2013

A bit of a strange day today. To everyone else my appearance is getting better. They are right, it is, but I didn’t feel it myself. It’s hard to explain but I guess it’s a bit like when you try new clothes on and they don’t feel right to you, but others would say they look good. The only real side effect to report is my dry lips and I am using just as much Vaseline as usual.

Day Seventy Nine – Tuesday 21st May 2013

It’s been a good day today. I have no fresh spots and my complexion is starting to look good and feel good to me! Fingers crossed this is the home straight now. My eyes were dry, sticky and feeling tired this morning so I had to resort to using the eye drops. I don’t like these much and I don’t like having them put in (I can’t even put them in myself, so a little help from my boyfriend is welcome) but they do soothe my eyes and make them feel better.

Day Eighty – Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Just photos for you to see today, so you can see for yourself the progress.

Day Eighty Three – Saturday 25th May 2013

Ooops, sorry my diary friends, I’ve missed a couple of days haven’t I?!

Everything has been fairly normal so I guess there hasn’t been much to report to you. I am still using the ointment, cream and Vaseline as and when necessary. Whilst my skin is calm but red at the moment it is behaving and feeling different and I suppose it will do until the end of my treatment.

This morning my chin was very dry and my neck was very painful. There wasn’t really anything to see but it felt really dry and very sore, worse than it has been before. It was not pleasant, instant Hydromol ointment was required to soothe the pain. I also have a couple of dry blotches on the top of my left shoulder.

Roaccutane has become very much part of my life and whilst I have adjusted and coped ’til now, I felt today that it was always going to be like this, that I will never be able to dress up and make up to look pretty. Silly I know but I guess we’re all allowed a little blip from time to time. A few tears and a big hug from my man soon sorted me out and put me back on track. Even so, I still stand by my decision to extend the treatment if I need to or am advised to. I’m only doing this once!

This weekend the weather is lovely and sunny so I know I will have to make extra sure I stay in the shade, under an umbrella, which is going to take some getting used to. Normally I love to be out in the garden and I enjoy the sun. I really must get myself a large brim sun hat because I like pottering about doing my gardening and I can’t do that under the umbrella!

Day Eighty Four – Sunday 26th May 2013

See you in week Thirteen!

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