Week Twenty Three

Day One Hundred and Fifty Six – Tuesday 6th August 2013

Hi readers, another new week already!
The main side effect causing me discomfort at the moment is definitely the fragile skin on my arms and legs. The patches where the skin is coming off are really sore and can be itchy in the warm climate of Summer. The backs of my legs are very unsightly at the moment, very grazed and sore. There are so many patches on my arms and legs that I can no longer say that they are because I have grazed or knocked myself, they just seem to appear! This is definitely the worst side effect to date. It doesn’t help that I haven’t found a solution to soothe this particular side effect. I’ve tried leaving them to dry and heal themselves and I’ve tried Vaseline but neither have helped. If anything the Vaseline made it worse, because it softened the skin and made it rub off even more! I’ll just have to ride it out in the knowledge that it will pass just like all the other side effects.

This phase more than the others does make me think that you really do need to be determined to cure your acne if you take Roaccutane. And determined I am, well wouldn’t you be if you had suffered from active cystic acne from the age of 12 to the age of 40?! Support from your partner, family and friends is so important and has really helped me go on this journey. People accepting and loving you for who you are and not just for what you look like is key to helping you through this experience. A couple of months ago I registered at a job agency and I was worried about potential job interviews with my face the way it is at the moment. The words from the lady at the agency have stayed with me since then; she told me that people are employed for the job they can do and the skills they have, not their looks! I may have said this before but from my Roaccutane experience and I’m sure also an element of wisdom from growing older, has taught me to be who you are, be proud and let people accept you for who you are!

My face this morning felt nice, to me it looked good, and was not so red. I tried a little dusting of mineral powder foundation and was pleasantly surprised. I may look into this further and swap my usual creamy foundation for this light mineral base. I felt quite good today all day but noticed the redness back this evening on my face and neck. The skin on my chin is feeling dry and slightly peeling tonight.

It really is up and down on this treatment, although the good days are encouraging and outweigh the bad days. I am so glad I am writing this daily diary and take photos, it is really helping me to stay focused as to why I am putting myself through all this.

9th August 2013

Day One Hundred and Sixty One – Sunday 11th August 2013

All is looking good at the end of week twenty three. All the scrapes and grazes that were really sore have started to dry up and are not so uncomfortable now. My face has been looking good all week and I have had lots of compliments from my partner and family as to how much better it is (less redness and no spots). I feel really pleased that I have had no new spots this week and am feeling positive that I really am near the end now! I can’t tell you how great it is to have ‘normal’ skin. I just love that in the morning I put my Hydromol cream on my face and do not need make-up to cover up! I was so impressed with the mineral powder that I tried this week that I have ordered some for myself.

🙂 Feeling happy 🙂 Feeling great 🙂 Feeling gorgeous 🙂

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