Week Eleven

Day Seventy One – Monday 13th May 2013

Hello readers, welcome to week eleven and thank you for following me until now!

My face has been bleeding a little today. I woke up this morning to find some dry blood on my lips and also on my pillow. A few times during the day I accidentally caught the tops of my spots when I rubbed my face with my fingers and this made them bleed quite a bit, certainly more than you would expect.

My lips have been constantly dry and needing Vaseline since the start of my journey. I forget to mention this sometimes as to me it is a side effect that has just become part of my every day life. At a guess, I would say that I must apply Vaseline to my lips about 20 times a day.

I also noticed this morning that today was the first day in a while that I didn’t have dry and sticky eyes when I woke up. It feels like all the major side effects are wearing off, apart from the dry lips and fragile skin. I guess that now I am so far into the treatment, my skin is well and truly Roaccutane-ed!!

If you haven’t checked out my gallery for a while, then it would be worth a look as I have put quite a lot of images on there recently!

Day Seventy Two – Tuesday 14th May 2013

My face is clearing up very well now after the terrible couple of weeks I have just been through. I think today’s photos show a massive improvement. The spot on the top of my lip is in an unfortunate place and the top has been peeling off very easily and very often, but now finally seems to be healing. “Roaccutane to win!!!”

I have been sharing my Roaccutane Experience daily to help fellow acne sufferers, be it that you too are on the Roaccutane treatment or to help you if you are considering it. I would love to hear from you, via my comments section at the bottom of each page, to hear your views and experiences or if you would like to ask me a question.

Day Seventy Three – Wednesday 15th May 2013

I am definitely on the other side of the bad stuff now and so glad that my face is getting better each day. It is still red and my lips are dry, but apart from that all is calm. I am waiting to see how my skin is over the next week in the hope that I am spot free for my last month and can finish the Roaccutane as planned at the end of 16 weeks. My dermatologist told me at my last appointment that I will need to be spot free for a month before coming off the Isotretinoin. I have already thought to myself that I would rather continue if needs be for another couple of weeks than have to start all over again in a year or two.

Day Seventy Four – Thursday 16th May 2013

I had my first nose bleed this afternoon, I was sitting quietly chatting with my Mum and it just started on its own. I hadn’t picked it or touched it! I am reassured and pleased that at the very beginning of my treatment my dermatologist told me all the things to expect, and nose bleeds was one of them.

Day Seventy Five, Seventy Six and Seventy Seven – Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2013

My existing spots are calming down and disappearing. I am impatient now to be rid of them forever. I have no new spots and I am going to keep a close eye on this, in the hope that for my final month I can be (and can stay) spot free! If you look at this week’s photos you can see an improvement between Tuesday and Sunday. My symptoms at the end of this week: dryness around the crease of my nose, which splits and is sore, facial redness and the ongoing dry lips. This evening the sunburnt feeling is back, I can feel it on both my forearms. To be clear it isn’t real sunburn, as I have been careful to protect myself when I am outside, it is one of Roaccutane’s symptoms.

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