Week Six

Day Thirty Six – Monday 8th April 2013

A couple of people over the last few days have mentioned to me that my face has looked quite red. These people are aware of the fact that I am on Roaccutane, and it is only really apparent when I am outside in the natural daylight. People have also said to me that they hadn’t ever noticed that I had an acne problem in the first place and so I must have done a really good job at covering it up. Saying that, I changed my hair style last week and nobody has noticed that either! I guess that people are simply not as aware of changes in other peoples appearances as we might think. Even so, this is about me and the way I feel about myself, not about looking good for other people. I am well on the way to having the complexion I have always wanted and it is already starting to work wonders on my self esteem. I have always been a fairly confident person anyway, but once I have my ‘new face’ there will be no stopping me so watch out world!!

Day Thirty Seven – Tuesday 9th April 2013

Sorry readers, nothing significant to report today.

Day Thirty Eight – Wednesday 10th April 2013

Wow! Everything has really calmed down, no more itching! All the blotches and redness on my body have gone. The backs of my hands feel mildly dry to me but look normal. The dryness in my ears and nose is still there a little bit, but very mild. My lips still feel dry and need Vaseline; I would say this has been my main (and constant) side effect to date. I am still experiencing the usual facial morning dryness and slight flaking. That’s just its way of reminding me that it’s doing its job! My face has felt smooth, and a little bit tight when I woke up the last few mornings and it just needed an application of moisturiser : That did feel nice and like I’ve said before it makes me feel normal with normal skin.
It is strange how the side effects come and go, and vary in the degree of severity. I would have expected the effects to get worse with the more of the treatment I take. I’m not complaining!

Day Thirty Nine – Thursday 11th April 2013

Face … Fabulous!! I got so carried away this morning with putting my moisturiser on, admiring my new complexion and loving not putting the foundation make up on, that I left for work this morning and had completely forgot to put my mascara on!

Day Forty – Friday 12th April 2013

I am still getting a little dry crustiness in my nose and ears and I can notice that the skin on some parts of my body is sometimes more fragile and more sensitive than usual. On my face there is still some redness and tenderness that I can feel but to the rest of the world I appear normal and it doesn’t show that I am on any treatment at all. My fingernails are really healthy and strong at the moment, just coincidence or a positive effect of my Roaccutane?

Day Forty One – Saturday 13th April 2013

All going well and better than expected. I have my first check-up on Monday morning at the hospital with my dermatologist. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts and have his confirmation that everything is normal.

Day Forty Two – Sunday 14th April 2013

Very happy indeed! I have now completed six weeks, I’m not even halfway through the treatment and already the results are astounding. It may sound strange but it’s actually really exciting, after years of suffering to be able to start to see a normal complexion emerging.

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4 Responses to Week Six

  1. Alice says:

    Hi Andrea,

    This is such a lovely blog to find! Although I have always had problem skin I’ve been fairly lucky until a few months ago when my jawline has exploded into acne! It runs in my family so it’s no great suprise but as a 27 year old woman you think your past these things!!

    No antibiotic has budged it so the dermatologist has prescribed roaccutane. My family have been on it after severe acne and not that they have scared me about it but I remember how sore my brothers lips and face looked and my mum remembers how much it dried her skin out! Reading your blog has shown me the bits they have forgotten, all those glimpses of hope that good skin is within reach! now I’m excited to get started rather than scared so thank you! I am stocking up on Vaseline and now the hydromol! I will continue to read your blog through my journey. Glad this is out there and hopefully many others will find it a comfort as I have.

    Alice x

    • Andrea Louise says:

      Hi Alice
      Apologies first for delayed reply – your comments really touched me and I am so glad my blog continues to help people like us. I do hope you are getting on well and do hope that by reading my pages as you go on your own journey you find comfort. It really is worth battling through, take it day by day knowing that it will all be worth it. It’s incredible that your whole family have experienced acne and Roaccutane. I sincerely wish you all the best, Andrea x

  2. Chloe Davies says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I know you wrote this blog in 2014 but its just massively helped me in stopping me from freaking out over a rash on my body at week 6, it seems we’ve had the exact same side effect and I nearly entered a dark google hole of self diagnosing myself with Psoriasis which as you’ve made me realise is far from the case. Anyway if you happen to see this thank you!!! Massive reassurance xx

    • Andrea Love says:

      Hi Chloe, You’re very welcome! I’m so glad that following my experience has helped you and reassured you in your own experience. This is the reason for my sharing and still being here a few years later to continue helping others.You’re already 6 weeks in with your Roaccutane treatment and I wish you all the best for a great result. Andrea x

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