Week Twenty Six

Day One Hundred and Eighty Two – Sunday 1st September 2013

I am one very happy bunny! I’ve completed 4 whole weeks without a spot!! I’ll be taking just 2 more weeks of Roaccutane to be sure that the acne is dead and gone. I can’t explain how happy I am. Roaccutane is amazing! A real miracle cure for me!

I’ve just had a wonderful week’s holiday with my super boyfriend. So much to say. First, I must thank him with all my heart (as he will be reading this too) for supporting me through this very different and sometimes difficult part of my life. I hope I haven’t been too much trouble, I have tried to remain on the whole positive throughout and he has helped me with that too.

The Health Spa we went to was fabulous. The Heat and Ice Experience which gives you different treatment rooms changing from hot to cold (i.e. saunas, steam rooms to cold drench showers and an ice cave) was so refreshing it actually felt like it was reallly cleansing my skin deep down. I was pleased to discover that I had no adverse effects from the sauna, steam room etc. I did wonder if being on Roaccutrane would have made any difference but it didn’t!

Our week’s holiday, which included a couple of nights being pampered in London’s West End, was so very special and couldn’t have come at a better time in my treatment. I felt great in my skin and even better now that I am waking up safely knowing that my face will be clear. I am now happy to go out during the day with no make up and keep a natural look. This is something I have had to learn to do with the Roaccutane but it is easier now the redness has subsided. I was able to wear a little bit of make up when we went out in the evenings. This, and all the lovely compliments from people who have seen our holiday snaps, has boosted my morale so much.

My skin is still suffering from the side effects of Isotretinoin: I have experienced very fragile skin all this week, on my fore arms and lower legs. It has been feeling sore, rubbing off and leaving scabs. My poor feet have suffered this week on our holiday. It didn’t seem to matter which shoes I wore, they all proved to be a challenge.

To be fair even walking in bare feet made them sore which kind of gives you an idea how fragile my skin is. On Friday when we got back home I soaked them in a bowl of warm bubbly water and then my boyfriend gently massaged the Hydromol ointment into my lower legs and feet. It worked a treat!

You can see for yourself on the slide show on this page. If you look on the gallery you will appreciate the major difference from Pre-Roaccutane to today, 6 months on!

I wanted to share this picture with you as I found it too ironic. I took the picture myself from a crossword I was doing on the train home from London!

Ironic Crossword Clue

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