Week Fifteen

Day Ninety Nine – Monday 10th June 2013

Spot free days = 7

Side effects – My lips have been extra dry because of the wind yesterday and so I have had to put twice as much Vaseline on today.

I didn’t realise until this morning that I caught the sun across my cheek bones and the top of my nose yesterday whilst we were out and about. It didn’t cause me any problems and it’s not so bad so it will probably be gone by tomorrow.

Day One Hundred – Tuesday 11th June 2013

100 days on Roaccutane!!
100 days no alcohol!

Spot free days = 8

Side effects – My forearms have lots of dried scabs on them from last weeks rash, but they are not itching anymore.
My eyes have been really dry and irritating. This morning was the worst, they felt like they were burning. I struggle to open them properly for the first hour in the mornings, my eyelids feel really sticky until I use the eye drops to soothe them. My boyfriend pointed out to me how it seems that everything is getting better but my eyes are getting worse at the moment.

I had a hair appointment this afternoon and my hairdresser said that she had noticed my hair was thinner than usual. This will be due to the Isotretinoin, at least it’s not falling out!

Day One Hundred and One – Wednesday 12th June 2013

“That’s not supposed to happen!” Quote of the day from my boyfriend when I showed him the 2 new spots that appeared on my face this morning. Set the counter back to zero!! ūüôĀ
I had my nails manicured today and I didn’t have all the cuticle growth that I would normally. I’m loving that my nails are actually better right now than ever before, even compared to before I started taking Roaccutane. My Mum thought I’d had a French manicure done but I haven’t. Whilst my beautician was here she did my eye make up for me – I was looking for a new natural look to make me feel better after all these weeks of wearing no make up at all. It did the trick, and to go out this evening I even put a very tiny bit of foundation on. Check out the photo.

12th June 2013

Day One Hundred and Two – Thursday 13th June 2013

My face was feeling tight this morning, which I haven’t felt for a short while. I applied my Hydromol cream which I now do every morning instead of make-up. I am looking forward to making my eyes up for going out days / evenings. I need to invest in some new make-up products. I have had a clear out of my make up drawer to make a new start.

Side effects – The dry scabs and marks on my forearms are going slowly, as are the scabs from the bites on my legs. They seem to be taking their time to disappear. Around my nose is still dry and splitting although the inside of my nose is less dry than it has been. My eyes have got better, they are not so dry.

Day One Hundred and Three – Friday 14th June 2013

Today I had a day holiday off work and got to spend some quality time with my Mum. I put a little bit of make-up on being careful not to plaster it on like I am used to doing! I had lots of compliments from everyone I saw during the day which made me feel so good. I really am keen to get to the end of the Roaccutane now, get my hair back to it’s normal condition and wear a little bit of make-up.
I’m just waiting for this week’s new spots to clear completely so I can start counting my spot free days again.

Day One Hundred and Four, One Hundred and Five – Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th June 2013
Very busy weekend celebrating my son’s 16th Birthday and spoiling him. Had a fabulous time and felt very loved and very proud and had a lot of fun. Although inside I didn’t feel as glam as I would have liked. I am continuing to be patient, it won’t be long now…

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