Week Twenty One

Day One Hundred and Forty One – Monday 22nd July 2013

Aaarggggh, another spot has popped up near to last week’s spot.

“Dear Acne,
I thought it was about time I wrote you another letter. Now listen up, this one spot per week is tiresome and not really worth the effort on your part. So, let’s call it a day and you should now surrender to my powers of eliminating you.
Yours gloating

Day One Hundred and Forty Two – Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Everything is settling down nicely and I seem to be going through a phase of gentle side effects. All my scrapes and grazes are less. I experienced a new dryness side effect today; both my elbows were so dry that if rubbed it looked like it was snowing where the dry crumbs came off in mass.

Day One Hundred and Forty Three – Wednesday 24th July 2013

My face is looking good today, the redness is a lot less and my skin is feeling normal. So, apart from my two spots on my jawline I am feeling good. I used a very little amount of foundation make up this evening to go out. To my surprise I found myself hardly putting any on at all and thinking I didn’t need any cover up at all. This is good news and means I will only use it in the future as an enhancement for days/evenings out. It also tells me that I am used to my new skin and any marks I do have left on my face are ok to me because it’s not spots!

Day One Hundred and Forty Four to One Hundred and Forty Seven – Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2013

There hasn’t been much change at the end of week twenty one. Friday was my new day one for spot free days and I am still eager to reach one whole month with no new spots. The scab on my ear around my earring is still there. I have a small amount of dryness in my ears and nose but nothing at all like it has been. The facial redness still comes and goes to varying degrees. Yesterday, I had a very distinct red mark at the end of my nose, looked a bit silly, but was gone by this morning. My lips are still dry as they have been since day one and they do feel worse if I forget the Vaseline.

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