Week Two

Day Eight – Monday 11th March 2013

Today is the start of the second week at half dose of Isotretinoin. I have abandoned the tinted moisturiser and my usual foundation. I am having to be brave and face the world with no make-up or coverage at all. I am still wearing my mascara though! Nothing else much to report other than a slightly dry bottom lip that I have kept under control with the Vaseline.

Day Nine – Tuesday 12th March 2013

Still no changes to speak of today. I do have a few spots but nothing unusual. I can report that no-one has treated me any different or commented on the way that I look. I am still feeling good about Roaccutane and what the treatment is going to do to help my skin.

Day Ten – Wednesday 13th March 2013

I woke this morning to dry skin all over my face with some flaking around my nose and some new spots. You can see for yourself on today’s photos. All was brought under control with the ointment and the cream. At the moment, when I put these on, my face stays hydrated throughout the day and so no-one at present is commenting on any change in my appearance. My bottom lip is very dry so I have been using lots of Vaseline since Monday.

Day Eleven – Thursday 14th March 2013

Last night before I went to sleep my partner rubbed a thin layer of Vaseline all over my face, in the hope that it would moisturise overnight and avoid my skin flaking in the morning. This helped massively and this morning I had very little if no dryness. During today my skin has felt normal and apart from a small amount of cream this morning I’ve had no need to reapply any. Even after washing this evening with the ointment I had no need to apply any cream or Vaseline. The spots I am getting are much more manageable; they are not as big and nasty as usual, they are healing quickly and not lasting as long. It is strange but I feel that my skin is already a lot more normal than I have ever known it.

Moisturise Me, I'm on Roaccutane!
Day Twelve – Friday 15th March 2013

So nearly two weeks into my Roaccutane journey now and so far so good! No significant changes to report today. I am guessing that next week when I move on to the full dose of Isotretinoin the dryness will increase and I will start to notice more changes. I found an image that tickled me and I thought it was quite apt to share it with you, the Doctor Who fans among you will recognise it.

Day Thirteen – Saturday 16th March 2013

No changes to report today. Writing this diary makes me feel like Adrian Mole…. he was a spotty teenager too!!

Day Fourteen – Sunday 17th March 2013

I’m feeling proper spotty today! I can feel quite a few tender and painful cystic whiteheads under my skin around my chin area just like I’m used to having. It’s a bit weird that even though I can feel them, all I can see when I look in the mirror are the spots from the last few days that are still healing.
I am still sticking to my daily routine of washing with the Hydromol ointment, applying the Hydromol cream in the morning and at bedtime, and Vaseline on my lips as and when needed throughout the day.
Tomorrow is the first day that I will be taking my new full 70mg dose of Roaccutane so I am expecting to see some significant changes over the next week or two. I’m sure things will get worse before they get better, just like my dermatologist told me.

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