Week Twenty Two

Day One Hundred and Forty Eight – Monday 29th July 2013

Hi and welcome to my week 22! I would be interested to know how long other people are staying on the Roaccutane treatment. I have to say I may not be writing every single day now unless there are significant effects or changes to report. I will keep in touch with you every week though. I am approaching the end of this amazing journey so there will still be important updates to report.
Apologies for not taking so many photos recently. I will take one this weekend so you (and I) can see the progress.

Day One Hundred and Fifty Two – Friday 2nd August 2013

This week I have been suffering with very fragile skin. The skin on my arms, legs and shoulders is losing the top layer very easily, which at first is sore and weeping, then dries and scabs. If I use Vaseline on the scabs the skin rubs away again. The scabs are very thin and do come off easily and then the lesion is sore again. It’s not at all like a blood scab, like when you graze or cut yourself.
I had a small pimple whitehead on my forehead this week which has turned into a bit of a nasty red scab like mark and so will take a bit longer to go.
Apart from that my face is quite good, not too much redness or aggravation. You can still see where my last two spots were on my jawline. The scab round my earring is still taking its time to heal. My hair feels a lot better, still drier than in normal times but not as bad as it was in previous weeks. Extra hair conditioner recommended.
I must confess (before my boyfriend writes his own post on here to tell you!) I did treat myself this week and indulge in 2 small glasses of red wine! Naughty but very nice!

Day One Hundred and Fifty Three – Saturday 3rd August 2013

Had a lovely day out and about today. We went and picked some cherries from a tree around the corner. Well, I say some cherries, but actually we picked thousands!! The reason for telling you this is because I scraped my arms against the branches quite a lot and so they are in a bit of a state right now due to my skin being extra sensitive at the moment. It was worth it though because the cherries are lovely, and they were free!!

The pimple on my forehead that turned in to a bit of a scab yesterday is now a fully fledged scab just like the ones on my arm and legs. You can see for yourself from today’s pictures. This will take quite a while to heal I think. You will also see that my skin is a bit dry on my chin and in the creases of my nose and that I have a sore patch on my nose.

All that said, I am not counting that particular pimple as a spot and so today is day nine of being spot free. Further than I have got before so maybe this is it!?!?!?! Also, I feel that my skin is looking better, with less redness so things are looking good!

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