Week Twenty Four

Day One Hundred and Sixty Two – Monday 12th August 2013

I have taken some new photos today to start this week off. The redness is slowly going and whilst I have no spots, I am left with some scarring. My ear and nose that were dry and peeling are healing very well now and have nearly cleared up. I was very very happy last week not to have any new spots! I emailed my dermatologist today and bless him, he replied very quickly, in the same afternoon. I am very lucky to have a dermatologist that is treating me with many many years of experience prescribing this treatment to his patients. He also has his own personal experiences having used Isotretinoin himself and for his children. I explained to him that I have 3 weeks supply of Isotretinoin tablets left and have not yet been one month spot free. He agreed that I should continue the Roaccutane a bit longer and he will write me a prescription for another month’s supply for me to collect next week from the hospital.
Spot free days = 18 🙂 The target is still one month spot free to be able to stop this treatment, nearly there…

Day One Hundred and Sixty Four – Wednesday 14th August 2013

My lips are dry which is nothing new, but both the corners of my mouth are splitting and sore.

🙂 Feeling happy! Today was the first day of my monthly period and I am really happy that I didn’t get any pre-menstrual spots! That was the test I was waiting for. I wanted to know if Roaccutane could cure all my acne? Yes! I am really enjoying waking up to spot free smooth skin every morning. 🙂

Day One Hundred and Sixty Six – Friday 16th August 2013

Today was a good day, I’ve had lots of compliments from people around me that know I am on the Isotretinoin treatment and have noticed a significant improvement in my face. They all said how amazing I looked! I really am near the end now, Roaccutane has beat the Acne! 🙂
My new ‘Magic Minerals’ make up arrived this week so I did put a light dusting on today. It really is magic, it doesn’t feel like I’m putting any make up and I’m certainly not plastering it on as a cover up. But at the same time it does enhance my skin and evens the skin tone.

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3 Responses to Week Twenty Four

  1. Emma says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog this morning whilst looking into Accutane as I have been prescribed this after speaking with my dermatologist. I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey and the results so far are brilliant! It’s lovely to know that I’m not the only person suffering and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! So thank you so much for taking the time to to write your diary and I’m looking forward to reading your new entries!
    Emma 🙂 xx

    • Andrea Louise says:

      Hi Emma,
      Great to hear from you and I will be geniuinely interested to hear about your experience. There absolutely is light at the end of the tunnel, I cannot recommend Roaccutane enough. I am very near the end now and am amazed by the results. I am so pleased that my diary has helped you. I can appreciate the need for someone to relate to and I know only too well how it feels to be the only one suffering – that was my reason to write my blog. Feel free to keep in touch through your own journey. My best advice is to stay positive and be determined to beat the acne. I wish you every success! Andrea xx

    • Andrea Louise says:

      Hi Emma,
      How’s it going with your Roaccutane experience? I would love to read how it’s going for you.x

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