Week Twenty

Day One Hundred and Thirty Four – Monday 15th July 2013

Spot Free Days = 4

I had no dryness and much less redness this morning. My eyes have been irritating me all day today, they sting and are watering a lot. Unfortunately I have run out of eye drops. Note to self – go get some!
🙂 No Spots!!

Day One Hundred and Thirty Five – Tuesday 16th July 2013

Aaargh, Spot Alert! The consolation, at least, is I’m getting one single spot per week now not the usual major breakout. My lips have felt like they are sun burnt but of course they’re not. The rest of may face is looking good and a nice complexion is making its way through!

Day One Hundred and Thirty Six – Wednesday 17th July 2013

I had to squeeze my spot this morning, it was a large whitehead. I’m feeling ok, still hoping for the end of this experience to come soon and hoping my skin will behave normally post Roaccutane.

Day One Hundred and Thirty Seven – Thursday 18th July 2013
My only target is to ZAP these last few spots!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight to One Hundred and Forty – Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2013

My face is looking good at the moment and not giving me too much trouble. My last spot still has a scab and is taking its time to heal.
The rest of my skin is irritating me, it is extra fragile and sore. I seem to have grazes, lesions and dried scabs all over my body, where the top layer of skin has come off in patches and is really sore. This is a common side effect and it is especially bad this time around. It has even affected my ear around my earring. I wore my watch all day today and when I took it off there was even a sore scrape underneath. I find the only thing that soothes it is Vaseline.
I am soon coming to the end of 5 months on my Roaccutane experience, which is also the predicted date my dermatologist gave me as an end date. I have not been spot free for a month so we will be extending the treatment. I have made a note in my diary to email him an SOS email (as he called it!) in the beginning of August.

21st July 2013

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7 Responses to Week Twenty

  1. Marianne Ă…ndheim says:

    Hey! thank you so much for writing this blogg! Its so nice to see that someone else experienced the same things as one is going through this? I an om ny third month of isotretinoin, I am 30 and have noticed that my skin is getting more wrinkles now..did you experience any of this? And if so did it go away once you finished the testament?

    • Marianne Ă…ndheim says:

      I meant treatment!! Sorry!:)

    • Andrea Love says:

      Hey Marianne, it’s always lovely to hear from people on here and to read of their experiences.I didn’t get any wrinkles whilst on Isotretinoin. Could it be an effect of the skin drying and when the treatment has finished its course and your skin rehydrates again all will be well? I do hope so. Are you experiencing any other side effects?

  2. Kristie Macson says:

    Hey! Loved reading through this as I’m on Roaccutane just now and like seeing someone having the same experience. Did you get itchy scabs almost like spots on your arm? I only have a couple but not sure if it’s a side effect

    • Andrea Love says:

      Hi Kristie, Thank you for reaching out, it’s always lovely to hear from my readers! I would say it is a side effect, I had the same. Check out my gallery. I remember my skin changing and having severe dry patches on my arms, legs, feet and even in my ears. Lots of moisturiser required! I used Hydromol. It is only temporary whilst on the treatment. All the best, Andrea x

  3. Claire says:

    I know you went through this yeaaaars ago but here I am in 2024 and loving reading yours daily posts!
    I’m on Day 90, I have to admit there’s days when the symptoms were so bad I wanted to give up but reading your experience has kept me going.. Theres definitely light at the end of the tunnel and I cannot wait to be free from spot treatments, washes etc for the first time ever and be one of those women with lovely clear skin – I’m keeping everything crossed!

    • Andrea Love says:

      Hi Claire, I’m so glad you commented. Yes my experience was years ago now but I felt strongly enough to leave my diary here to continue helping other people going through the same. It warms my heart to hear that my daily posts are helping you through the worse days. Please don’t give up! You’ve come so far and the end result is what matters. Writing a daily diary and taking photos helped me enormously so then I could see my progress that I would otherwise not appreciate. Do reach out again, I look forward to hearing about your journey, all the best, Andrea x

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