Week Ten

Day Sixty Four – Monday 6th May 2013

My symptoms today are:

  • Very dry eyes.
  • Very dry nose inside and out, worse than I’ve had before, it actually hurts.
  • Dry inside ears.
  • Joints hurting but less than before.
  • Fragile skin that injures easily.

Day Sixty Five – Tuesday 7th May 2013

I received an email from my dermatologist reassuring me and confirming that this nasty breakout I am having is all perfectly normal and a good sign that the Roaccutane is working. He said it should be short lived and into this week I can see the spots drying out nicely.
I have a new discomfort this week; when I am in bed at night it feels like my shoulders and arms are grazed when I lay on them, they’re not but that’s how they feel.

Day Sixty Six – Wednesday 8th May 2013

My chin is still really good this morning, it is clear, no spots and no redness. I am amazed, I can’t wait till my whole face is the same! The other spots are clearing, I just have one nasty one on my top lip, very painful.

Day Sixty Seven – Thursday 9th May 2013

Much the same today, no change apart from my top lip being really dry and very sore.

I’m getting through my tablets, in 67 days I have taken 280!

How Many Roaccutane Pills?!!

Day Sixty Eight, Sixty Nine and Seventy – Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2013

Everything has calmed down a lot, all the symptoms I started this week with are much better. I have not used the eye drops as much as I have been, and my nose is a lot less dry and crusted than before. The inside of both my ears are not dry at all this weekend. I’ve not had the joint pain, so all in all, symptoms are much more tolerable. My skin is still fragile, especially on my neck, I catch myself often with my nails which hurts more than it would normally. My major breakout that started last week is healing nicely which I am very happy about, I have a few scabs and some redness on my face but no more cysts. (I didn’t like them!) I am still using the Hydromol and Vaseline often during the day and before I sleep to keep the dryness to a minimum.

What’s hard to explain is how I feel emotionally during the low points of the Roaccutane journey. Even though I know I am going through phases and the isotretinoin is just doing its job, and I also know that my skin is going to be so much better, it still makes me feel a bit yucky about myself sometimes and on some days I would go as far as to say that I have felt ugly. Now I am on the other side of my major breakout I am feeling more positive again!

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